Wednesday, September 17, 2008


no....power.....or....water.....goin on 4 sucks.....real bad....that's all...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Home sweet home (without power....still)

We have been without power at our new house for 2 and 1/2 days now. Even better is that we have no water because our well pump is electric. Lovely. I spent the first night at Trin's which wasn't bad it just wasn't my bed and it's always hard for me to sleep when I'm not in my own bed. Yesterday I went to mom's to shower and stuff. I ended up sleeping (well trying to) at my house and halfway through the night Ben came home with batteries for his fan. I fell right to sleep after that. I am never going to take advantage of the sound of a fan again. So I am hoping and praying that when I get off work, I will go home to a house with power and water. That would be awesome.

As for the dog, we decided that now is really not the best time for a new dog. We are going to wait a few months and get settled in and then I think we will get a puppy. Maybe.

Ben started his job at Crackle Barrel yesterday. He is just training on the computer right now so it's not too bad. He thinks he will like it. I hope he does.

That's it for now....

Friday, September 12, 2008

I forgot..

We are also getting another dog. Since we now have a HUGE yard we think Cyrus really needs a brother. We were going to get a puppy but my friend Whitney has to get rid of her boxer mix and since Cyrus is a boxer mix I thought it would be perfect. We are taking Cyrus to meet him tonight and if all goes well (and Ben isn't allergic to him) we will be taking him tomorrow. His name is Mater. I will hopefully have pictures up of him soon too. Thanks Perri for offering to let me come upload pictures at your house...I will definately need to.

That's all for now...

All the changes...

have left me feeling like I kinda have a new life. We got moved this week. There is still some unpacking to do but we have everything at the house now which is a relief. I'm still sore from all the moving. We are without cable or internet for who knows how has to be ran out there first. At least I have internet here at work so I don't go completely crazy.

As for other changes....Ben is getting a second job. Just kinda out of no where he decided he wanted to take a part time job so we can get our debts paid off faster. I thought maybe I should be the one to get another job since I only work part time now. My dad works at Crackel Barrel as the training manager so I thought I could get on there as a waitress. Well since my dad is in charge of training, I found out I can't work Ben decided he would. Yep that's right, Ben is going to work at Crackel barrel as a cook. He went in yesterday to fill out an application and had his interview then and he starts on Monday. It actually will work out pretty good cause he is ONLY working Mon. Tues. Thurs. and Fri. from 2-9. He will still have weekends off. He's only going to work there for about 6 months or so or until we get some crap paid off. It really is going to be so weird because we won't see each other much during the week. I'm not really sure how I feel about it but I keep telling myself it's only for a few months AND we will be getting stuff paid off. Hopefully it will work out well...

That's it for now....I'll keep ya posted on how things go and hopefully I can somehow get some pictures on here of the house!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We are Moving!!!

My mom's cousin messaged yesterday to see if we were interested in renting her parents farm house. She said it sits on 10 acres and is in good condition and cheap. I said "how cheap?" Well it turns out its only about $50 more than what we pay for our apartment. So we went and looked at it last night. It is so cute and private and has a HUGE yard that Cyrus loves (yes we took him to look at it too). I think it could use a little updating but for the price, it is awesome. So.....I talked to her today and we are going to be moved in by the 15th! That is 2 weeks from today. I was stupid and didn't take my camera but here is an outside picture of the house I found online.

It has two bedrooms upstairs and an office, living room, bathroom, and kitchen down. It has an unfinished basement with (this is my favorite part) a washer a dryer. I can now do my very own laundry! It also has a huge barn out back for Ben's man things. We are both VERY excited that we actually have a house now.

Now, let's get movin!