Saturday, May 22, 2010

new logo

My insanely talented husband designed an awesome logo for my photography. I absolutely LOVE it.

What do ya'll think?

Family pics

I've been theaching my friend Megan a thing or two abot photography and she has been taking some pictures for me. First she took this picture for my website :

Then today, she did our family pictures, and let's just say, they turned out AMAIZING. She took them, I edited them. Here they are.

my favorite

My sweet girl

I painted her toes to match mine :)

I adore my little family.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going, going, going

I know it's been a couple weeks since I last blogged but life has been crazy! Not an excuse, I know. And I keep telling myself I need to blog everything Amelia is doing or I will forget and I won't have those precious memories to come back and read when she is 18 and going off to college and I'm cryng because I remember when she started crawling and talking and learning so many new things. Hopefully I'll "remember it like it was yesterday". Dramatic I know, but that's how I think but I never, ever want to forget this first year of her life. So to catch up :

- Mia started officially crawling on May 1st. She is getting everywhere now! At first, she kinda had a gimpy crawl where one knee would be down but the other foot she used to kinda push off. It was adorable. She will do it now and ten still but it's mostly a normal cral now. She also pulls up and cruises around the furniture. She's not too graceful so she also has many bruises and scratches. She's not fazed most of the time and I tell her to "shake it off." ha! She did end up with a bloody nose one time but a cuddle and kiss from her momma made it all better.

- She got her first tooth. It's been about a week now that she's had her bottom left tooth coming in. I know she's in pain and she's super fussy but there's nothing I can do but hold her and cuddle her. Can't wait until she has all her teeth so she's not in agony anymore.

- We are going on vacation in 2 weeks! Gatlinburgh :) We will be going with Gabe and Trin and their kids and it's going to be so fun! Our cabin is enormous and has been calling my name for weeks. So close..

- Amelia can clap her hands now. It is the Cutest. Thing. Ever. Anytime you sing "Patty Cake" she will start clapping...even though "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" is her FAVORITE song. Seriously. She could be having a horrendous, red in the face, all out fit, but if you start singing itsy, bitsy spider, she has the hardest time trying to not smile. I love that kid.

- Life is good. I've been getting more business and am really looking forward to being in my studio by the end of the summer. It's hard for me to believe sometimes that I could actually be making a living by being a photographer in the near future. It actually makes me giddy.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll blog more regularly. No promises though.