Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amelia- 10.5 months old

I can't believe how big my little girl has gotten. Almost 11 months old! How is it possible I am already planning her 1st birthday party?? I get teared up when I think that she's almost not a baby anymore..

I got her some rainbow striped leg warmers at the craft fair yesterday. I know it's July, but they are so freakin cute. and check out this hat my sister made.

It matches perfect! I love her mischievous little grin and her chubby cheeks :)

My sister also made this tutu for her. I think it suits her perfectly.

She really just fills my soul with love every time I look at her. I can't believe she is mine. My sweet, perfect, adorable girl :)
And I'll leave you with this picture- Amelia showing off her goods.

Gotta love those cheeks!!!

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